Hurricane Harvey update

Hurricane Harvey Update

DATE: 08/25/2017

The City of Houston is preparing for potentially significant impacts from Hurricane Harvey as it is expected to make landfall as a Category 3 Hurricane between Matagorda Bay and Corpus Christi, Texas.

The impacts to the City of Houston are expected to be caused mostly by significant rainfall.  The National Weather Service forecast currently indicates that Houston will see close to 20+ inches of rainfall over the weekend and into early next week.  This is likely to cause dangerous flash flooding, and will cause area flooding throughout the entire Houston region.

Currently Houston is under a:

  • Tropical Storm Warning until further notice
  • Storm Surge Watch until further notice
  • Flash Flood Watch from 4am Friday to 7am on Monday

An important center point to planning is information; here are some trusted resources for information:


Make Preparations Now

Houston residents should prepare for both the impact of flooding and Tropical Storm force winds.

This includes:

  • Identify your risk of flooding.  For a map of floodplains in Harris County, visit  Remember, any portion of Houston is subject to flooding, so residents should be prepared whether or not they live in a flood plain.
  • Beginning today, residents should plan to park their vehicles off city streets, especially those prone to flooding.
  • Please secure anything that can be picked up by the wind and thrown about.  Downtown Properties should secure all possible flying hazards from rooftops, including patio furniture, outdoor umbrellas, plants, trees and all objects that may be picked up by strong winds.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Tornado Watch for the city of Houston until 2.00am Saturday.

National Weather Service says conditions will be favorable for the formation of Tornadoes during this period.

What is the Houston Downtown Management doing?

HDMD emergency response team is activated and monitoring conditions downtown, and has established communication lines with City and County partners to be able to meet the public safety needs of Downtown Houston residents and businesses during the storm.

This includes:

  • Activating the Downtown Emergency Coordination Center (DECC), and ensuring operations throughout the storm to support anticipated emergency actions with the City of Houston and Harris County Emergency Operations.
  • Assessing Downtown Houston throughout the storm, as possible and relaying information continually to the Office of Emergency Management, along with Downtown Houston stakeholders.
  • Coordinating with the City’s Office of Emergency Management in relationship to the City’s disaster response with Downtown Houston neighborhoods as necessary.

The Houston Downtown Management District (HDMD) recognizes the need for a centralized coordination point in the event of an emergency, and have developed a Downtown Emergency Response Plan that describes the preparation and response scenarios for multiple potential emergency situations and it describes the roles of property owners and managers, HDMD, the Houston Police Department, Houston Fire Department, City of Houston Public Works & Engineering Department, Harris County and other entities.

View our Emergency Operations Plan via our website:

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