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The Houston Downtown Management District (HDMD) recognizes the need for a centralized coordination point in the event of an emergency, and have developed a Downtown Emergency Response Plan that describes the preparation and response scenarios for multiple potential emergency situations and it describes the roles of property owners and managers, HDMD, the Houston Police Department, Houston Fire Department, City of Houston Public Works & Engineering Department, Harris County and other entities.

This website is meant to support the purpose of the Downtown Houston Emergency Response Plan which is to minimize the potential human loss or injury and property damage from a disaster or emergency situation, reduce losses and interruptions to business, resident and governmental activity, and to function in concert with regional emergency management actions.

Visit this link to learn more about the Houston Downtown Management District.

Contact Information

Central Houston Inc.
Houston Downtown
Management District
909 Fannin, Suite 1650
Houston, Texas 77010
(713) 650-3022

Operations Center
Downtown Emergency
Coordination Center (DECC)
1119 Milam
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 223-2003
(713) 223-1003 fax

24-Hour Emergency Line
(713) 787-3971


Emergency Information Website: emergency.downtowndistrict.org